Happy Month of May!


Haspring-wallpapersppy Month of May! Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Month! In honor of celebrating APA Heritage month, I have a handful of demonstrations scheduled for the month of May. Please check https://tastyphoqueen.com/demo/ for the latest scheduled demonstrations.

I am proud to be a Vietnamese American. As a child growing up in a foreign culture and land, there were mental obstacles and hurdles. Being different can be a curse or a blessing. It was what I made of it. I chose the blessing part. As I am growing older, I continue to learn more and more about myself and how I perceived life. I learn that being different is not so bad. We are very much alike yet we are different. We are alike in that we have emotions, we want to belong, we want to be loved, etc. Our difference is our perception and how we perceive life. That is what makes each of us so special in our very own way. I am proud to be different.

A great example of different yet the same is the appetizer “Gỏi Cuốn”. It is also known as Spring rolls to some and as summer rolls to others. springrollsThe end result is the same. Ultimately it is digested inside your tummy. You can roll it with pork and shrimp or you can have tofu or chicken. You can make your own of how you like it. Visit Pho Queen on our next spring roll/summer roll demonstration at the OCLS Washington Park Branch in Orlando – https://tastyphoqueen.com/demo/. I shall provide the basic ingredients of the spring rolls/summer rolls, you can provide your perception, and make your very own.  The demo is free to library patrons so invite your mom, your family, and friends. My cookbooks will be available for sale at half price for this special month of May. My special Magic Dragon and Monkey will also be available for sale as well.

Have fun eating Healthy!

Phở Queen

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