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Our very first 2022 hands on demonstration was on May 20, 2022. We had a fun time demonstrating Spring rolls / summer rolls at the OCLS downtown library. Looking forward to more live demonstrations. Welcome back!


Most of the hands-on demonstrations in 2020/2021 were canceled because of COVID19. At the same time, LIVE Facebook became popular. Phở Queen partnered with Orange County Library System (OCLS) and created a full hour of LIVE Facebook broadcast. We made “Cháo” or Vietnamese rice porridge for our first broadcast.

On July 1, 2021 at 7:00p EST, we will be once again broadcasting LIVE “How To Vegetarian Egg rolls.” Please visit to register or click on REGISTER NOW!

Also, Phở Queen goes LIVE Friday at 11am EST. Visit for Phở Queen’s 15-minute LIVE Broadcast. 

The recorded LIVE cooking broadcasts are below. These recipes are great when I have minimal time to prepare. The results are tasty, fresh, and healthy. Enjoy!

Every Friday @ 11am EST
Recorded FB Live
15 minutes
-- Easy Chicken Recipe --

Live Cooking Demo
60 minutes
"Cháo" - Vietnamese porridge

Live Cooking Demo
60 minutes
Rainbow Seafood Stir-fry

Live Cooking Demo 60 minutes "Café Sữa Đá" VN Egg Coffee

Live Cooking Demo ̉60 minutes "Bánh Bao" Piggy Steamed Buns

Live Cooking Demo 60 minutes "Vietnamese Pizza"

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