Happy Holidays 2017 – Vietnamese Appetizers


Like any food in many cultures, Vietnamese food can be fattening and decadent especially desserts. Even if the food is gluten-free or msg free, it can still be fattening.

The bottom line is that we can get fat when we eat too much of anything with no exercise in our everyday habits. The key to maintaining a healthy life is to eat fresh food and have them in moderate proportion with exercise or stay active in your daily routines.

With that being said, I would like to introduce one of my favorite Vietnamese appetizers, Bánh Mì, or also known as Vietnamese subway sandwiches. You can have it at any time. It can be a light snack or a meal. The three main differences between the regular subway sandwiches and Bánh Mì are the bread, the meat, and vegetables. That’s practically everything. Heeee heee heee…

The bread for Bánh Mì is the French banh-mi Vietnambaguette. I love the baguette because it is not thick with dough. The shell is usually light and crunchy while the inside is semi-hollow with softness. The meat is usually prepared as marinated grilled pork, chicken, fish, or a combo of all the meat combined. The vegetables are simple sour vegetables of daikon and carrots, cilantro, sliced cucumber, and optional jalapeno peppers. Yummy. Just thinking of it my mouth salivate with anticipation.

Curious to know more about Bánh Mì and would like to taste it before you try to make it? There will be a free demonstration on how to make Bánh Mì. Come and join Pho Queen this coming Thursday at 6:30 pm, December 21, at the Orange County Public Library downtown to learn how to make a Vietnamese appetizer called Bánh Mì or Vietnamese subway sandwiches. Seats are limited. Call to reserve your seat today – 407-835-7323.

I finally submitted two chapters of “My Journey to America” so far. It took me quite a while to summon the courage to finally share with everyone my story. I am have been hesitating for years. I was afraid my story is not good enough, my grammar is horrible, etc… Well, here they are an introduction to my journey to America and the Vietnam War. I love to hear your thoughts on what I have so far. Thank you!!!



See you at the demo!!!

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